FIT (RE) Group

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The Assignment

Billy and Jesse with FIT Real Estate Group reached out to us with the desire to showcase how they take the stress out of the buying and selling real estate. They had a unique story to tell and we were the perfect partners to help bring that story to life.

The Work

In the early stages, we spent time getting to know Billy and Jesse and researching their brand’s aesthetic. With that knowledge in hand, we proposed concepts that would help them to stand out from the competition while being true to their brand. The work produced shows the professionalism and charismatic nature of the owners while also including their unique personalities in how they make real estate process enjoyable and extremely efficient.

The Results

Not only did we deliver numerous promotional videos of properties for social media, we also produced a testimonial interview that told Fit Real Estate Group’s story from a client perspective. This has led to the brand being elevated to new heights set a solid foundation for a lasting business relationship between our two companies.

“Rob, We hired you to bring a new quality of videography for our Clients. What we ended up getting was so much more. To our surprise, you began to tell a story and create our brand bringing us to new levels. Your integrity as man shines through all you do! We appreciate you!” – Billy Webber, Co-Owner, FIT Real Estate Group

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