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Concept Planning

We collaborate with you on creative ideation and conceptualization activities, allowing us to visualize your brand vision and craft genuine brand stories. We also begin identifying and solving any production puzzles, ensuring a flawless production process for start to finish.


Leveraging this research in combination with our high production value approach, we will carry out conceptualization activities in concert with your team to build a solid pre-production plan before the shoot. Storyboarding, scheduling, location scouting and shot list planning are some of the activities we will tackle together.


This is when the camera rolls. We meet with you on-location and execute the shot plan based on the previously designed schedule.

Post-Production & Delivery

Once the content has been captured, we will collaborate with you on post production of the video content, which includes editing the footage, sound design, adding visual effects (VFX), music, and brand specific elements. During this phase, we will gather feedback and revise content to ensure the final deliverables are on point. After final approval, the project deliverables will be made available to you digitally.

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